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The Fine Arts Gallery comprises 4,839 works of 255 artists from 549 museums all over the world covering fine arts, archaeology, religion, landscapes, historical places and portraits of historical personalities .
1. Image Size
Low-resolution Mid-resolution High-resolution
-images uploaded to this site
-TOPIC Watermark
-JPG 80~100 KB
-images supplied as soon as requested
-TOPIC Watermark
-Photoshop(RGB) 1~3 MB
-Scan Charge:KRW4,000
-1~2 days taken after requested
-Agreement & Payment for Copyright
(Price differs from usage, territory, period)
-Photoshop(RGB) 40MB~100MB
-Scan Charge:Free

Sample of low-res

Sample of mid-res

Sample of high-res

Sample of high-res
(80~100 MB)
If the usage is for website, images will be supplied with of the size of less than 1100px (width).
2. How to use the Image
- If you need any images, please call us (Tel : 82.2.2270.4700) or send the e-mail to our staff.
Using our Image Request Format, you can easily request image to us.
- You will have to inform us of the image number (ex:40120447) and the artist name of the image.
- It will be taken 1~2 days for you to receive the High-res file you need, so please take it into consideration when your request any images.
- The price will be settled according to the end-user, usage, territory, etc., and once our staff are given all the related information from you, we will send you the Written Contract and please send back to us after signaturing by fax (82.2.2263.3594). For your convenience, you can download the Written Contract, fill in the contract, and send back to us using e-mail or fax.

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